Uncovered #01. www.chrishelcoop.co.ukChris Helcoop, Uncovered, 2013

Uncovered is a series of three images produced in response to the evolving news story regarding the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) full-body scanners, which are being used in airports worldwide. There have been frequent issues reported about the scanners, including security officers not checking the scans, the leaking of body scans onto the internet and operators supposedly suffering from health problems. These news stories imply that the use of the scanners may compromise our security, privacy and health. The scanners have since been banned in European airports but are still in use in the United States.

Uncovered #02. www.chrishelcoop.co.ukChris Helcoop, Uncovered, 2013

These images present cut-outs of Tabulae Anatomicae by Bartolomeo Eustachi (founder of the science of human anatomy). They illustrate areas of the human anatomy that could potentially be placed at risk by the body scanners. The exhibited pieces are printed upon acetate and presented upon light-boxes to reflect the functionality of X-Ray scans.

Uncovered #03. www.chrishelcoop.co.ukChris Helcoop, Uncovered, 2013

Chris Helcoop is a UK-based still-life and conceptual photographer. He is an upcoming graduate of the BA (Hons) Photography at The Arts University Bournemouth. Focusing on the constructivist movement in photography, his work consists of constructing tableaux through the use of cut-out illustrations. His images aim to respond to current world issues.

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