Star Shots

Kathrin Günter

Haunted Hollywood, Poltergeist Paparazzi and Ghostly Glitterati


The hoax continues. Kathrin Günter is back! Though she has been noticeably absent from the Gossip Press for quite a while now, a close insider source reveals that she’s finally returned, eager and ready to haunt Hollywood’s celebrity scene with yet another one of her eerie escapades.

‘After 5 years on/off gossip due to various ventures into some rather occult territories, far beyond the red carpet, Kathrin Günter is apparently celebrating her comeback to the tabloid papers with some new and devilish (or rather double) tricks to play within the celeb glamour world’, reveals our source. ‘Unlike the years before, she prefers to be out of the spotlight, and hides away behind the conspiratorial curtains of her Celebrity Darkroom’, as the spooky gossip cutie calls it herself.


‘Day-in-day-out she barricades herself behind the walls of her shady chateau, sees nobody but her closest circle of friends and barely leaves her luxurious mansion in Montecito. She’s already planned it all. She’s also fed up with being in the spotlight’, the source reveals. ‘That’s why she is hiding away in her darkroom cabinet’.


Back in the year 2000 Günter already successfully meandered through the celeb scene, on and off the red carpet, haunting the media with blurry and rather grainy cameos, irritating us all with self-staged dubious derailings: totally shameless, coolly calculated and recklessly retouched!


With her second coup, under the banner of the infamous headline ‘Star Shots – The Hot Mess Hall of Shame’, Günter slips into the characters of certain train wrecks such as Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton; roles she says she didn’t have to dig too deep to relate to. ‘I’m living in the public eye, dealing with the stress of what other people think, whether it’s true or not’, she said in a Lifetime promotional clip. ‘I personally understand them because you’re living your life for everyone to see and people are growing with you. You get to a point where you become numb to it, and you just live your life in the way you feel you need to live it’.


As for her latest plot, ‘Kathrin Günter is holding secret seances in her Celebrity Darkroom, to conjure and literally catch the alleged “doubles” or “doppelgangers” of some carefully selected and mediumistically skilled celeb stars’. ‘It is said’, reveals the source, ‘that she refers to the rather rakish routines of a certain William H. Mumler or Frederick A. Hudson, two of the most infamous Ghost Paparazzi of the 19th century’. ‘During these secret spiritual seances, the prominent double gets separated from its original physical body to be able to move about in space independently. Once fully materialised, it is ready to get exposed, developed and fixed onto something that is called “light sensitive emulsion of silver gelatin”, in the very Celebrity Darkroom’.


Recent reports reveal that already more than once the dubious double doesn’t seem to have returned to his original body and has indulged instead in its newly gained freedom. Taking them for the original celebrity, the paparazzi flashed their cameras blindly upon these evil twins. The real dimension of this hilarious Hollywood hoax has yet to be revealed, but we have already collected several statements from of some of the affected victims:

‘At first glance I thought it was me in these pictures … but I know I am prettier. Yes, I created this persona, but I know that I am entirely different from her’, Victoria Beckham

‘I can’t believe how professional and down-to-earth I look. My double is even more beautiful than
me’, Paris Hilton

‘I’m not caught up in any of it. It’s not really part of my life’, Nicole Kidman

‘I am totally upset and very jealous of all the attention she is getting’, Britney Spears

Kathrin Günter studied at the University for Applied Sciences in Hamburg, where she focused on photography. In 2000 she won the BFF Award for one of the best photographic diplomas awarded by German universities. After long stays in Italy, Spain and England, she moved back to Germany in 2006 and has been living in Berlin ever since. Günter has been extensively exploring and working with gossip, star behaviour, the phenomenon of paparazzi photography and its inseparable self-staging. Her most recent work focuses on thought-o-graphic experiments, photo chemical processes and other invisible phenomena and unresolved mysteries in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century photography. Günter has exhibited worldwide and her work is part of several public and private collections. Since 2009, as a member of micro research berlin, she has been invited to take part in several field trip investigations, working groups and workshops. Her Star Shots project will be shown in October 2013 at Centre Pompidou Metz in the context of the show ‘Paparazzi! Photographers, Stars and Artists’.

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