A point of balance

Tanya Clarke

with Tereshkova 01  with Tereshkova 02
Tanya Clarke, video still from second part of A Point of Balance, ‘with Tereshkova’, 2013

with Tabei 01  with Tabei 02
Tanya Clarke, video still from third part of A Point of Balance, ‘with Tabei’, 2013

The video, A Point of Balance, is an attempt to reconcile the need to fulfill domestic routines with the desire to make creative work. Our identity is often complicated; it is characterised by our work, job titles and points of high achievement. Whilst the world of the home, children and childcare is occasionally acknowledged by society as important or even vital, it is most often viewed as mundane, tedious and insignificant.

Divided into three performances entitled, respectively, ‘with Comaneci’, ‘with Tereshkova’ and ‘with Tabei’, each performance is staged in different spaces in the artist’s home, amongst the household material of her family life. Inspiration for the acts performed was provided by learning about the extreme physical accomplishments of three women: a gymnast, a cosmonaut and a mountaineer. Their achievements are presented in the background of each performance – either on a screen playing found video footage or as images roughly taped to the wall. Ambient sound from the home and archival commentary from the found footage interrupts the stillness of each performance. Within the boundaries of the home, the artist attempts, through the use of her body, to re-configure areas of the familiar domestic space into a place of high endeavour.

Tanya Clarke, first part of A Point of Balance video, ‘with Comaneci’, 2013

Tanya Clarke recently graduated with an MA in Photography from the London College of Communication in London. A Point of Balance was exhibited in the MAP13 final degree show in November 2013. As well as continuing to exhibit her photographic and video projects, Clarke blogs about the kinds of photography and photographic experience that lie within the wider public domain.

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