North Canada – English Electric

David Jacques

David Jacques, North Canada – English Electric, 2010 (installation of 100 stereoviews, stereoscopic viewers and mp3 audio)

A retired worker habitually returns as an amateur photographer to the sites he was previously employed at: the Port and the Industrial Estate. Both now exist in liminal zones, at the deregulated, toxic edges of the city. He’s been detained at the Port, detected by and recorded on CCTV. He’s about to be questioned about his activities, at which point a voice from the supernatural intervenes… A female ‘spirit voice’ subsequently takes over the narration, enacting a role reversal or possession ritual, as evidenced in the ancient mythological trope of ‘the return’ (see French ethnologist and anthropologist Marc Augé’s essay ‘Oblivion’). She speaks in the ‘conditional progressive’, a dualistic tense that engages simultaneously with the past and the future. She digresses from the interrogation to ruminate over the optical phenomenon that is stereoscopy, reflecting upon a history of distractive banalities – of ‘home entertainment’, virtual tourism, 3D crazes.

David Jacques is a multimedia artist primarily involved with film. His practice engages with the subject of history, its narrative interpretations and the interplay between factual and fictional strategies of representation. His interest in deconstructing and re-apportioning the subject often results in the exploration of forgotten, marginalised and socially and politically disruptive sources. In 2010 he won the Liverpool Art Prize and was shortlisted for the Northern Art Prize. Recent screenings of his work include Tate Liverpool, ‘Art turning Left’; 17th International Video Festival VIDEOMEDEJA, Novi Sad Serbia; WNDX Film Festival, Winnipeg Canada
 and Sheffield Fringe at BLOC Projects Sheffield. He lives and works in Liverpool.

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