All Our Yesterdays

Life Through the Lens of Europe’s First Photographers (1839 – 1939)

aoy_web_slider_greenMuseums, archives, universities, private enterprises and public administrations from all over Europe joined forces in the EuropeanaPhotography project to digitize their photographic collections (1839-1939). Now they present an edited selection of the finest rarely seen images, documenting the past as captured by the pioneers of photography.

All Our Yesterdays offers visitors an opportunity to discover how people lived in a Europe very different from the one we know today, undergoing great and rapid changes. In this period, a life of horses and agriculture overlapped with an emergent modern reality of machines and industry. Among this era’s many inventions was photography itself, a new medium which was able to capture everyday life at the pace of its evolution. The skills of these early photographers were not fully appreciated at the time, but they recorded life in a precise and hidden detail.

All Our Yesterdays is an interactive and virtual exhibition that allows visitors to access the images through a digital walk, moving across the different rooms. It is possible to move across the rooms in different directions, zoom into the photographs, and learn more from to the descriptive panels.



The virtual exhibition is also available as an app for iPad and iPhone.

Project website:

All Our Yesterdays is presented and realized by EuropeanaPhotography, EU project co-funded by the European Commission, with the aim of selecting and digitizing over 430,000 images of the first 100 year of photography (1839-1939), with historical, cultural and artistic value. The digitized images can be accessed by everyone in Europeana, the European Digital Library.

EuropeanaPhotography is a EU project co-financed by the European Commission, coordinated by KU Leuven (Belgium) and Promoter (Italy) as Technical Coordinator. It is a public-private consortium composed of museums, archives, agencies and universities from all over Europe.


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