Sedimentary Tropes

Daniel Meads

Sedimentary Tropes is an investigation into the most contemporary and technologically innovative methods of capturing or recording visual information. From a starting point of virtual ignorance about the capabilities of three-dimensional image making, the artist progressed to explore some of the different methods, before settling on a simple and publicly available photographic technique.

Warrior Model-5Warrior Model-1Warrior Model-3Daniel Meads, Sedimentary Tropes, 2014: a 3D model showing the digital distortions to the sculptural trope of the Warrior

The method selected uses photogrammetry – the science of making measurements from photographs in order to recover the exact positions of surface points – to extract a best fit three-dimensional model from a selection of ordinary photographic images. Even though imperfect in its accuracy, this approach allowed for the creation of models which could then be printed using additive manufacturing. The selection of the method became a primary influence on who would eventually come to be the subject of Sedimentary Tropes, as it encouraged the utilisation of the technique’s imperfections to communicate a message.

Research into historical and artistic motifs, or tropes, which appear throughout the sculptural and photographic tradition led to the selection of four archetypes to be represented in the project: the Warrior, the Athlete, the Leader and the Victim. These archetypes were then brought together with a slightly more post-modern and personal interpretation of the basic motifs, leading to a reassessment of the semiotics of portraiture.

Leader Video-2Daniel Meads, Sedimentary Tropes, the Leader 2014 (video still)

Athlete Video-1-2Daniel Meads, Sedimentary Tropes, the Athlete, 2014 (video still)

Victim Video-2Daniel Meads, Sedimentary Tropes, the Victim, 2014 (video still)

Daniel Meads was born in California but raised in the UK, just outside of London. After living for a few years in Brighton he returned to London to purse his interest in the theory and practice of art and photography, an interest which culminated with his graduation from the University of Westminster with a BA (Hons) in Photographic Arts in 2014. He currently lives and works in Amsterdam.

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