Sound Portraits

Saiana Bugio


Saiana Bugio, Sound Portraits, Veronika, 2014



Saiana Bugio, Sound Portraits, Huw, 2014


Saiana Bugio, Sound Portraits, Camille, 2014


Saiana Bugio, Sound Portraits, Denny, 2014


Saiana Bugio, Sound Portraits, Xzavian, 2014


Saiana Bugio, Sound Portraits, Tyrone, 2014

The increasingly complex relationship between humans and computers and the strong influence that technologies have on us in modern society lie at the basis of this project. Sound Portraits explores the problematic nature of representation and language in the contemporary digital age, while engaging with notions of identity. It focuses on the neutrality of computer language as opposed to that of human language and investigates, through visual representation, the act of translating the data that forms a picture (.jpeg) into an audio file (.mp3)

Saiana Bugio was born in Italy and grew up in a bilingual environment, with an Italian father and a Russian mother. She is a graduate of the BA Combined Honours Degree from the University Roehampton (London).


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