In Case

Jisun Choi

In case#1In case#2In case#3Jisun Choi, In Case, 20014

Dealing with various situations in daily life, we often find ourselves distressed by unexplained anxieties caused by our relationships with others, or by the possibility of accidents taking place at any moment. These accidents are unlikely to happen, yet they hang over us like invisible clouds which cannot be wished away. Other forms of anxiety are connected with issues of hygiene and the likelihood of contracting a serious disease, or with being isolated and alienated from society.

In Case is an installation that explores human anxiety. It consists of models of suitcases as well as photographs. Devoid of functionality, the objects presented in the installation are offered as a means of dealing with, and ultimately surviving, the symptoms of anxiety provoked by our daily environment. Our journey on public transport, through public buildings and public bathrooms shows the vulnerability of an individual in a collective space. The suitcases on display prompt the viewer to think about items which may make them feel ill-at-ease. They also serve as props that can help us contain any sense of unease and discomfort.

Jisun Choi was born in Korea and graduated from the MA Photography at the London College of Communication. Her work uses photography and installation to explore uncertain emotions and affects. Choi’s works have been exhibited internationally, e.g. at the Valid Foto (Barcelona), Dreamspace Gallery (London) and Gana Art Space (Seoul). She was also selected for the Peaches & Cream IV, the International Photography Awards 2014, and received medals and an honourable mention in the Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2014.

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One Comment on “In Case
  1. Dear Jisun Choi,
    Remembering the experimental art heritage of Marcel Duchamp and his boite-en-valise by your suıtcase work is a pleasure.Thanks and Best Wishes.

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