Photographic Tai Chi

Bonamy Devas


Photographic Tai Chi is a simple technique that reveals the digital image for what it is: the algorithmic construct by an apparatus. The process was discovered by accident: no apps or filters are involved, just a confused smartphone. The images produced are surprising, often comic and subvert photographic conventions about photography as some a kind of truth or transparent reality.

By tagging the images #phototaichi and sharing via Instagram, a dispersed, crowd-sourced, evolving, post-human digital entity emerges from the feed:

Why not try it yourself?

1. Watch the short ‘how-to’ video
2. Upload to Instagram adding #phototaichi
3. Search “#phototaichi” on Instagram app to see your pic in the feed.


Bonamy Devas understands technostress, data asphyxiation, cognitive overload and time famine as symptoms of the electromagnetic embrace and drivers of digital art practice. He lives in London, where he was born in 1974, and works anywhere and everywhere. He believes the scent of a spice warehouse to be as much an image generator as a camera.

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