Warchalking Utrecht

Gabriel Menotti

Warchalking Utrecht is a series of images that resulted from a month-long exploration of the wireless topography of the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. It was inspired by the artist’s interest in the private wifi networks that can be reached from public spaces. Although these networks are protected by a password, they nevertheless expose traces of their owners’ identity thanks to the public visibility of those networks’ names.

The artist zoomed on some of those names, focusing on those which hold particular significance either as phrases or as proper names of people, places and objects. He then wrote them in chalk in the streets where the networks could be accessed, thus bringing to light the overlap between physical and media infrastructures – while revealing a process of human and machine communication. The selected images from the series presented here document some of these interventions.

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The project was developed during an artistic residency at Impakt (NE), promoted in partnership with LabMIS (Brazil).

Gabriel Menotti is a Lecturer in Multimedia at the Federal University of Espírito Santo (Brazil). He also works as an independent curator engaged with different forms of cinema. He holds a PhD in Media and Communications from Goldsmiths, University of London, and another one from the Catholic University of São Paulo. Menotti is the author of Através da Sala Escura (Intermeios, 2012), a history of movie theatres from the perspective of audiovisual performances, and co-editor of Besides the Screen: Moving Images Through Distribution, Promotion and Curation (Palgrave, 2015, with Virginia Crisp).

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