Melissa Spiccia


Melissa Spiccia, Enmesh, 2015

Enmesh is a series of images inspired by an interest in somatic memory. The images attempt to capture memories stored at a cellular level in the body – i.e. memories that may have been consciously forgotten but that are still remembered by our bodies.
Working with a domestic image scanner, the process involved attempting to sequentially archive these memories and their physical manifestations. Sometimes a vague idea of a memory was present before informing the area of the body which was focused on. At other times, the body moved unguarded, uncovering memories and emotions that had been stored within it. The process then developed through the interplay between time, light and motion. The body ‘travelled’ across glass in sync with the light scan, moving and adjusting its position through the duration of a single pass.

Melissa Spiccia is a London-based artist with an interest in the detailed physicality and organisation of the body, inspired by her contemporary dance practice. Spiccia started as a ballerina, before receiving a BA (Hons) at the Laban Centre in London in 2006. After graduating, she worked as a contemporary dance artist across various platforms. She has recently made a shift into visual arts.

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