Your Penumbra

Marianne Bjørnmyr

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On 30th September 1880 young amateur astronomer Henry Draper was the first to photograph the Orion Nebula, after spending decades refining his photographic technique and his self-built telescopes. An achievement that would change history, eminent scientists and astronomers at the time nevertheless maintained that photography would never replace the human eye as a tool to study the stars.

Your Penumbra presents an inverted contemporary astronomic aspect: a claustrophobic impossibility of ever being able to see the recorded objects with the naked eye. The stardust photograms display starry skies, hints of foggy nebulae and an empty space, leaving traces of their physical existence. Together with the photographic glass sculptures and the 16mm film, the elements presented examine the fascinating and misleading specifics of photography. Your Penumbra draws attention to the surface and materiality of the photographic object while also interrogating the possibilities of the photograph’s becoming.

The project is part of an ongoing work to be completed through the FATHOM Residency at Four Corners Film, London, in 2015.

Marianne Bjørnmyr is a Norwegian artist who lives and works in London. She graduated with an MA in Photography from the London College of Communication in 2012. In her practice she works with research-based photography, which is concerned with our perception of the photograph’s approach to reality, where the presentation of the photograph is set up against our understanding, interpretation and generated perception of imagery. Bjørnmyr’s work has been exhibited internationally, including Daniel Blau’s 5 under 30, The Norwegian State Exhibition ‘Høstutstillingen’ and The North Norwegian Art Exhibition. She has been awarded the Daniel Blau’s 5 under 30, Juvenarte and Jansons scholarships, amongst others.

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