Landscape Photographs and One Photograph of Tulips

Nihaal Faizal





Red Moon DesertRed Moon Desert



Landscape Photographs and One Photograph of Tulips (2014) takes as its source the eponymous photographs available as stock desktop backgrounds in the once ubiquitous operating system, Windows XP. Through their dissemination by a large global corporation – in this case, Microsoft – the images have become a significant part of our cultural imaginary. Due to their widespread familiarity they are also responsible for shaping our understanding of the ideal photographic representation of a physical landscape.

After these photographs – which usually tend to exist only on the screen – were printed off and thus materialised in a different medium, the artist re-photographed their glossy C-Print manifestations using only the built-in camera flash of a entry-level DSLR to illuminate them. With this project he attempted to negotiate questions of authorship with regard to images circulated by corporations, mediations between photography as a physical object and a digital image, and himself as a photographic author and simultaneous consumer of these images.

Nihaal Faizal is an artist currently based in Yelahanka, India. He works across various media – and often in the spaces between them. He is interested in using curatorial strategies in art practice and is one half of the recently formed artist duo ‘Stauffer – Faizal’. He is also responsible for the operations of a non-commercial art space called G.159, which he runs out of his apartment’s living room.

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