Shift Command Three

Alexander Burgess


Gulf iiGulf II





Shift Command Three focuses on the point in which the digital mapping services from Google, Apple and Microsoft stop documenting the sea and instead start generating a new version of it. The top two thirds of each image shows the photographic satellite imagery, whilst the bottom third depicts the fabricated simulation of ‘the sea’. The instantly contrasting moment at the perfectly delineated ‘horizon’ splits apart the photographically documented from the entirely manufactured. The line separates the two states, whilst also rendering the image as a new, skewed, landscape. These landscapes are short-lived archives of the ever changing digital world, with the generated content becoming increasingly transpicuous of the real.

Installation shot from the Fresh Faced + Wild Eyed show, The Photographers’ Gallery, London, 16.06-5.07.2015.

These works are constructed by compositing hundreds of screenshots together, to create a final synthesised landscape. In the exhibition space they are visualised as super glossy prints which are mounted onto a thin sheet of aluminium, to both emulate the glossy rectangles that one would typically access these digital worlds through, and provide a borderless and distraction-free image for which the ‘horizon’ line can potentially join up with neighbouring pieces.

Alexander Burgess is a London-based photographer. He graduated with a first-class degree in BA (Hons) Photography from the Camberwell College of Art, UAL, in 2014. His work has been shown at The Photographers’ Gallery; Art15 in Kensington Olympia; and Creative Outlet at High Holborn Showroom. He currently has a LIFE BOAT Studio Residency, sponsored by Artquest, UAL and ACAVA.

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