I’m a Victim of Psychotronic Torture

George Barber


I’m a victim of psychotronic microwave electromagnetic torture and I have video evidence of it on my YouTube account. Watch that and see my foreskin burn even though my hands are nowhere near my thing. I know for a fact, since I released secret data from Oxford Brookes University, that they are projecting a fusion of electromagnetic and microwave waves at my sexual parts and mind that drives my organ. In the ‘FORTIETH EID HARLESDEN EVENT’ they accidentally melted my door number. I have neighbours who will confirm if you email me. When they turn on the torture, usually it coincides with a Brent Parking Smart Car outside the front on the public street.


I may be sitting in my garden and you can hear me saying things that I do not want to say, and saying things that nobody would normally say. I have been rude about my neighbour. I have called her a slut though she isn’t! I am being hit hard most weekends. I throw up my food – that’s when I know the gun is on me. The United States government working hand in hand with the lame British Government poodle is spending open chequebook amounts on these weapons. Sometimes life-sized posters of my neighbour naked are lifted up in neighbour’s gardens so that I can see them and know I am being taunted and undermined. I’m experiencing gender confusion which they say happens when you speak out against the State – it’s some kind of ray though I can’t remember exactly what I said but it must have been true, don’t you think? I am being targeted when I feel randy too. They are making me horny then burning me for it. If you don’t like someone you can make them have a tumour, liver collapse, or just skin cancer. What an attractive a way to get rid of your enemies. See my other YouTube videos. I have injuries that cannot be explained by matches or bleach.


My head shows signs in the skin of moon-like craters from being pelted by streams of free atoms. My neighbour has metal cages over her windows. Please help me and offer me places to stay, especially in Bristol or Manchester, where they have good affordable night life. I will bring my own food and be no trouble. I need to amass a range of UK addresses so I can drop into them at random and avoid the microwave onslaught that is literally ‘frying’ me into illness. This needs to start soon. Can you help?


George Barber is a well-established video artist. His works, over a long career, have been shown at many international festivals, competitions and galleries; they have also been broadcast on television throughout the world and awarded major prizes. Recently, he has had solo shows at Young Projects Los Angeles, Waterside Contemporary, London, and Chapter Arts, Cardiff. He has had other work shown at London Film Festival, Kate Macgarry Gallery, The Whitechapel Gallery, Split Film Festival, Croatia, Royal Academy, Tate Britain, and Victoria & Albert Museum. Barber has also had retrospectives at the ICA, and Dundee Contemporary Arts. He has always been a writer. The piece presented here is from his collection of short stories entitled Reality Check, published in 2015.

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