We Entomb Memoir

Garrett Lynch

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We Entomb Memoir (2015) is a portrait of sorts. It involves a series of process-based actions performed online with appropriated image macro generators, documented with sourced media and hosted by a free weblog service. It is media détournement compiled and combined.  Not quite a readymade, unmodified and exhibited within a context different from the one that was intended, it is a postproduction, its creation piggybacking on the work of others from outside the context of art (e.g. design, communication, leisure etc.).  The form of the weblog and its contained slideshow create a narrative of relation between the media employed.

Gravestone created at: tombgen.appspot.com

All media used in We Entomb Memoir has been sourced online under a Creative Commons, Open Source or similar license or is freely available. Media has either been employed directly with no modification or manipulated before use.

Gravestone created at: gravestonemaker.com

Gravestone created at: tombstonedesign.net

We Entomb Memoir is the second in a series of works by the artist that employ weblogs as medium through which a durational work can occur.

Gravestone created at: gravestonemaker.com

Garrett Lynch (IRL) is an artist, lecturer, curator and theorist.  His work deals with networks (in their most open sense) within an artistic context; the spaces between artist, artworks and audience as a means, site and context for artistic initiation, creation and discourse. Currently Lynch’s research and practice is exploring the thesis that networks are a transformative factor in contemporary art practice.  Recently most active in live performance, his networked practice spans online art, installation, performance and writing.

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