Caroline Abbotts

image1Faders, Unique iron blue-toned silver gelatin paper exposed to moonlight, UV fluorescent lighting, 2015

image2Faders, detail

image3Faders, detail

image4Faders, unique iron blue-toned silver gelatin paper exposed to moonlight, UV fluorescent lighting, 2015

Faders (2015) explores the relationship between natural, chemical and material environments. The works build their own ecology that contemplates the measurable and the immeasurable.

The artist exposed each piece of silver gelatin paper over different time lengths to ambient moonlight. The shadows on the paper unravel the angle at which light has fallen across its surface, disclosing folds or gentle dimples in the paper marked by light. The paper has been developed and soaked in a bath of iron blue toner. The toner replaces the silver in the paper with iron blue while iron sensitises the surface to UV light. The works are hung intermittently under a pink glowing UV light, causing each to begin a process of darkening from vivid blue to black.

The gloss blue surface refers to scenes elsewhere of perhaps a deep ocean blue captured in an underwater environment. The work presents a vision of materiality that considers light passing through surface. This is repeated again and again, as shadows reflect off the gloss surface lit by the pink UV light above.

The works explore their own life cycle as they fade from light to dark through midtones, each piece becoming its own component in response to the atmospheric conditions. It is through the work’s relationship to daylight and moonlight that it functions and malfunctions.

Caroline Abbotts (b. 1988 Derbyshire, England) studied at the Central Saint Martin’s School of Art and is a recent graduate of the Royal Academy Schools. She lives and works in London.

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