A Guide to Open and Hybrid Publishing

How to create an open access, image-based book in 10 steps


A visual takeover of the city by plants

The Offence

A short film on the fear of modernity in a small town

The Politics of the Office

Offices of financial, corporate and legal institutions in the City and Canary Wharf in London

Ways of Something

Remix-remake of John Berger’s 1972 BBC documentary, Ways of Seeing

For Internal Use Only

Creative disruption of office work

The Port

Is it a film or a moving painting?

Mechanical Calculators (from The Imitation Archive)

Old counting machines meet sound from imitation archive

Photomediations: A Reader – new open access book

A collection of 20 essays on photomedia


Encounters is a photography-based installation presenting images taken by automatic hunting...


Huang Yao reflects on the ubiquity of screens in public spaces...


Scan is a mixed reality interactive piece that utilizes smart phone...